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RoHS 2.0 new product categories should be paid attention to by electronic and electrical enterprises

On November 30, 2011, the European Commission announced that it had begun work on the results of the impact assessment study of directive 2011 / 65 / EU (RoHS 2.0). The European Commission plans to expand the scope of the RoHS 2.0 directive through research, including products and product categories that were previously excluded from the RoHS 1.0 directive, and propose new proposals accordingly. According to the new research, the scope of products included in Annex 1.0 of the new directive will be expanded, and further expansion may be made through future research and public consultation. However, in the draft product range issued by the Commission so far, the products that need to be of great concern to exporters have been included.

Category 1: large household appliances. It currently includes new product categories "gas grill", "gas oven" and "gas heater".

Category 4: consumer electronics. It currently includes new product categories "furniture with electrical functions", such as "lift bed" and "lift chair".

Category 7: toys, leisure and sports equipment. It currently includes new product categories "toys with smaller electrical functions", such as "talking Teddy Bear" and "shining shoes".

Category 11: other electronic and electrical equipment. In addition to "power switch" and "electric suitcase", the new product categories "clothing with electrical functions", such as "heating clothing" and "life jackets that glow in water", are currently included.

The impact assessment study also includes an analysis of how to make RoHS compliant concentration limits more feasible. There has been concern that the threshold for limiting substance content is too stringent, especially when applied to paints and very small parts.

Currently, as part of this study, the committee is consulting with stakeholders on the cost of complying with the directive, such as the cost of changing the design of the product, as well as data that can help assess the benefits of reducing the concentration of harmful substances in the product. The consultation period is until April 2012, and the committee will issue the final report (including the revised impact assessment) before July 6, 2012.

Based on the in-depth study of global electronic and electrical safety regulations and standards and rich testing experience, Huayu testing technology experts suggest that: as an electronic product manufacturer, when responding to the new RoHS 2.0 directive of the European Union, it is necessary to analyze, evaluate and adjust the products in time on the basis of in-depth interpretation of 2011 / 65 / EU standard requirements, and not from the management level and technical level. We should improve ourselves and manage suppliers. Pay real-time attention to the development of relevant environmental protection standards, make rational use of laws and policies, and actively send products for inspection with the help of a third-party testing agency with relevant qualifications, so as to ensure the compliance of products and avoid potential risks of products, so as to improve the competitiveness of China's electronic and electrical products in the international market. Only in this way can enterprises calmly cope with the new ROHS directive of the European Union, establish the corporate image of green environmental protection, and continue to develop healthily in the fierce market competition.

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