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China fiber inspection

China fiber inspection is an authoritative journal in fiber quality inspection, which is dedicated to publicizing and implementing the national policies and standards for the quality supervision and management of textile fibers and products, introducing the legislation and implementation of relevant laws and regulations, exchanging experience in comprehensive management and industry construction, disseminating scientific and technological knowledge of fiber inspection, introducing foreign fiber inspection information, promoting excellent enterprises and famous brand products. , Serial No.: cn11-4772 / T, issn1671-4466. "China fiber inspection" is for managers and scientific and technological personnel in the fields of processing, production and sales of all kinds of textile fibers, textiles, clothing, down products and quilting products in China; relevant functional departments of the government; organizations at all levels within the fiber inspection system; enterprises and institutions such as supply and marketing, inspection and quarantine, agriculture and commerce, universities and scientific research institutions.

Main columns of China fiber inspection: eight party inspection, world fiber, high-end vision, special attention, fiber inspection and observation, management quality, window of enterprise, fiber economy, inspection and detection, technology and quality, external truth, new knowledge and wide angle

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